How to Get White Teeth

Realizing how to get white teeth is important issue to all people in the earth. It gives us more trust in ourselves than the yellow tooth does, brite mouth gives us healthy look. The first impression comes from your white teeth. Your tooth are discoloring due to age effect and wrong habits like smoking, drink lots of soda, eating a lot of sweets, and rarely brush of your tooth. So here is some tips to show your most lovely and attractive smile. 
1-      Dentist: easy and fast way to get use of the professional dentists methods but sure it will cost you some money but the result deserves that money. Your tooth will get white immediately in the same day of visit to the dentist maybe in couple of hours. Dentists use the recent powerful techniques to white and bleaching your tooth, they may use light therapy called laser teeth whitening or bleaching kits or even strong whitening gels on positioned in your mouth in pieces. It will cost you nearly 300$ to 1000$ depend on the method and kits used by the dentist.
2-      Home: you can just do it at home by several ways like using pen or strips which are cheap and easy to use, just apply one of these products each night before you sleep for 10 minutes and also at morning for also 10 minutes to get best and fast result, do it for two weeks and you will see and feel the difference.
3-      Home again: this time use a powder that contains combination of baking soda and peroxide it is called bleaching agent it just need a little bit control, and brush your tooth using this powder in combination with your normal tooth paste to bleach and white your tooth, because it is at home it will not cost you a lot, easy method and can be done at any time.
This is the most use ways to get bright mouth, the second and third home recipes are good in results but not so fascinating, and it needs some time to get result and some patience too to get 100% improvement and bright mouth. To keep your tooth brite you should quit smoking, drink less soda, brush your teeth regularly and eat tooth bleaching food like apples.  
Now you know how to get white teeth, share this information with all your friends and relative so they have better looking and bigger smile.