How to Whiten Teeth

For people who want to know how to whiten teeth naturally, there are several ways by using whitening products but it is not organic things and may harm your tooth and gum and make your tooth sensitive, so we will describe in this article some natural ways for natural bleaching mouth methods, here are some great methods you can make them at home:
1-      Apple Cider Vinegar: try this good way by brushing your tooth using some of the Apple Cider Vinegar, it is easy natural way, try to make that each night before you sleep. This is a great way to whiten your teeth naturally.
2-      Chew Sugar free gum: after you eat anything you can chew this type of gum which makes your mouth, tooth and gum better and make you absorb the stain contains residual food and make your mouth secretes new stains. You can find it at any food stores and it is so easy natural way to people want to brite mouth naturally.
3-      Crunchy vegetables and fruits: like carrots and apples these natural products make your mouth clean and eliminate any food residuals form your mouth too and for sure it is very healthy to each these vegetables and fruits.
4-      Special stick called Miswak: you can find this stick at pharmacies, use it to brush your tooth any time after you eat while you watch TV or with your friends, this stick gets rid of plaque and residual food at your mouth and also bleach your tooth by brushing it to get brite white smile.
5-      Drink Water: as simple as that, just drink plenty of water and rinse your mouth with at least water after every meal.
6-      Tooth paste: brush your mouth regularly with your normal tooth paste to prevent tooth decay and make your tooth shine white
You can use these methods at your house so it is easy and not cost a lot to let your tooth shine with no pain or effort at all.
Avoid sweets and sugary foods or at least brush your mouth immediately after eating them, this is important to get rid of any food decomposition in your mouth which affect your tooth and make them yellow.
It is also good idea to visit the dentist once a year to get a professional advice and some good suggestions about your tooth and how to whiten teeth naturally.