How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Most people don’t know of how to whiten their teeth naturally but they know that brite mouth is improving their looking and give more self-confidence. Bright mouth reflect healthy body, so we discuss here how to whiten teeth naturally, some old ways that used years ago where the toothpaste had not invented yet, but our ancestors knew how to keep their tooth healthy, strong, and white. Here are some tips to do that:
1-      Use sage leaf or mashed strawberries and brush and massage your tooth surface.
2-      Use gargling water to rinse your mouth and tooth to get rid of food particles left in your mouth and tooth.
3-      Use burnt toasts to brush your tooth, make your own toothpaste from a mix of your favorite oil and ground burnt bits.
4-      Massage your tooth surface with cotton wiped with a lemon juice or use the lemon peel directly.
This is the ways, but you can know also some important tips of how to bleach tooth naturally in the following points:
1-      Use your whitening toothpaste regularly each day at least once; it is the best way to keep your mouth with a crystal white shine and maintain a healthy gum.
2-      Brush your mouth after eating to prevent formation of plaque and elimination of food residuals.
3-      Drink a lot of water specially after eating to get rid of residual food in your mouth.
4-      Quit smoking, drink little soda, decrease sweet eating, decrease junk food eating, decrease coffee and red wine drinking; these things are the most reason for staining your tooth quickly.
5-      Drink each day a lot of milk.
6-      Eat a lot of fruits and raw vegetables to clean your tooth and give them strength. These types of food contain Vitamin C which is bleaching component.
7-      Try to eat at home and not outside so you can brush your mouth immediately before residuals stain your tooth.
8-      Visit your dentist once in the year to check your mouth and get professional opinion to help you maintain your tooth health.
So using natural ways to bleach your tooth are very important issue to know and discuss with your friends and relatives to conclude the best way to get whiten teeth and you should take care of your food to get better body and better tooth because better tooth mean bright shiny strong teeth.